4 Things About Two-track Sliding Door

4 Things About Two-track Sliding Door

28 Oct 2021

Two-track sliding door

Sliding doors, no matter how different their styles, invariably play the role of space restriction and separation.

Sliding doors not only save profiles and hardware, but their overall shape is also luxurious atmosphere, very decorative, more widely used.

The double-rail sliding door is a kind of sliding door. A double rail sliding door with the double sliding track, both left, and right sliding, can also overlap in the sliding together.

Double track sliding door use conditions mainly combined with the space structure to consider. In the case of sufficient space, a double-track sliding door is more beautiful and generous.

Frames Feature

 ●  High-quality aluminum alloy profile, thickness 0.4mm-20mm, support custom thickness.
 ●  Various colors are available (silver, champagne, bronze, etc.).
 ●  Surface treatment. Imitation wood grain, Sand coating, Anodic oxidation acid, and alkali.
 ●  Lightweight, high strength, can be extruded into a variety of complex cross-section profiles.
 ●  Good water tightness, airtightness, heat insulation, and soundproofed.
 ●  No noise, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, easy operation, and long service life.
 ●  Adopt new material H-UPVC, environmental protection, and energy saving.

Product details

Style European Style Aluminum Sliding Door
Profile Brand Chinese Top Brand, 1.2mm/1.4mm/2.0mm/3.0mm Wall Thickness
Profile Aluminum Profile or Thermal Break Profile White Color or Woodgrain Color
Surface Treatment Anodizing, Power Coating, PVDF Coating, etc
Glass Single or Double Tempered Glass, Laminated glass, Low-e glass, etc
Hardware German Top Brand 'ROTO' or Australian ‘Doric’, Chinese Top Brand
Screen Retractable Screen, Accordion Screen, Folding Screen, etc
Rubber Strip European Standard EPDM

Daily application of Two- track sliding doors

Initially, sliding doors were only used for bedroom or dressing room closet sliding doors, but with the development of technology and the diversification of the means of decoration, from sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors, the function and use of sliding doors are constantly expanding.

In this case, the use of sliding doors began to become diverse and rich. In addition to the most common partition doors, sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, wall cabinets, living rooms, showrooms, sliding household doors, etc.

For decoration and space separation


Separate the daily leisure area


Separating the living room and the kitchen

It can effectively control the grease and smoke, allowing the kitchen to visually open up to the outside space, making the kitchen look more spacious and generous.
Double-rail sliding door

Installed in the living room to save space and increase the sense of house level.

Double rail sliding door


According to the decoration style, choose the color and different styles of a double-rail sliding door with it. A good double-rail sliding door, not only can bring convenience and comfort to our life but also can improve our home decoration grade, improve the happiness of life.
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