Aluminum Profile for Sliding Window

Aluminum Profile for Sliding Window

28 Sep 2022

Sliding Window

The so-called sliding window is named according to its opening method, and it is a type of window widely used in the modern construction industry.

With high-grade sliding rails, the sliding window is easy to open and close. Equipped with large glass sliding windows, it not only increases indoor lighting but also improves the overall appearance of the building.

Sliding aluminum windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, simple and elegant appearance, good sealing, flexible opening, economical price, etc. Sliding windows are gradually accepted and loved by consumers and become one of the indispensable and more common window choices.
aluminum profile for sliding window


Why Choose Sliding Windows?


Does Not Take up Extra Space

The sliding window can control the opening area at will, and the window sash equipped with pulleys is used to slide on the track on the window frame, which does not occupy extra space regardless of the switch state.

Separation Space

No matter how different the style and material of sliding doors are, they all play the role of dividing space without exception. In order to avoid the occurrence of falling objects, sliding windows are most suitable for high-rise buildings.

Proper Sound Insulation

Sponge, fabric, foam, and other materials have a certain sound absorption capacity, and the sliding doors decorated with these materials have a good sound insulation effect.

Convenience and Flexibility

Wide field of vision, high lighting rate, and flexible use are the significant advantages of sliding windows. In addition, it takes up less space when opening in one plane, making it easier to install screens.

Various Styles

Sliding windows can also be activated or moved at any time according to the requirements of use, home decoration style, and other factors. Sliding windows are more flexible and changeable according to the wishes of users.


Aluminum Profile for Sliding Windows

sliding aluminum window Aluminum alloy aluminum profile for sliding windows is a metal material, which has unparalleled advantages compared with other materials.

●  The lower rail adopts a high and low rail ladder design, easy to drain water
●  The inner fan and outer frame adopt a Mosaic design, beautiful when closed
●  Diamond mesh with grooves, and screws may control the tightness of the diamond mesh
●  Broken bridge design



With strong plasticity and high strength, aluminum profiles can be extruded into various complex section profiles, which can meet the requirements of door and window designers for various new section materials.

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