Cost-effective Sliding Window? You Need to Know These Two

Cost-effective Sliding Window? You Need to Know These Two

15 Oct 2021

About Sliding Window

The sliding window adopts the sliding track on the window frame with the window sash equipped with wheels, the structure of aluminum window frame parts is relatively simple, and it does not take up extra space whether it is opened or closed.

Performance of Aluminum Sliding Window

Sliding aluminum windows are beautiful in appearance, economical in price, and well-sealed. It adopts high-grade slide rails, which can be opened flexibly with a light push.

An aluminum sliding glass window with large pieces of glass, not only increases indoor lighting but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sliding window structure is stable and safe, so there is no need to worry about breaking the glass due to strong wind.

Aluminum sliding window has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. The new material H-UPVC can be used to form a partition space between the internal and external profiles, so that the heat conduction of the aluminum alloy is minimized, the heat insulation and the sound insulation effect are good.

Two Recommended Sliding Windows

Thermal Break Aluminum Sliding Windows With Blinds Glass

sliding aluminum door
 ●  Stainless steel track, narrow frame design, simple and generous appearance.
 ●  The high drop design can speed up the drainage speed.
 ●  The unique electric fluorine frosted surface treatment makes the aluminum profile more delicate.
 ●  The minimum visible area of only 30mm can meet the wind resistance requirements.
 ●  6063-T5 is specially used to provide high strength and hardness.

Woodgrain Color Thermal Break Aluminum Sliding Windows

aluminum sliding glass window
 ●  The lower rail adopts the high and low rail ladder design, which is convenient for drainage.
 ●  The inner fan and outer frame adopt a mosaic design.
 ●  The diamond-shaped mesh has grooves, and the screws can control the tightness of the diamond-shaped mesh.
 ●  Classic broken bridge design.
 ●  The wood grain color is more beautiful and generous, enhancing the sense of decoration.


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