Features of high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows | custom aluminum storm doors

Features of high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows | custom aluminum storm doors

26 Jul 2021

1. Raw materials/aluminum
The aluminum used for good aluminum alloy doors and windows has a smooth and shiny surface, without aluminum chips, burrs, etc., and its strength, thickness (≥1.2mm), and oxide film (≥10 microns) must meet national standards. Small door and window manufacturers are in In the mixed market pattern, there are many "recycled aluminum" that are shoddy, and consumers are advised to choose reliable and well-known brand products.

2. Raw materials/glass
Compared with ordinary glass, tempered glass is obviously a better choice. It has strong impact resistance and is not easily broken. Even if it is broken, it will shatter in the form of particles without acute angles, which greatly reduces the harm to the human body. At the same time, it has good thermal stability and better sound insulation.

3. Raw materials/hardware
The quality of hardware accessories such as hinges, door handles, locks, and pulleys is the key to ensuring the service life of aluminum alloy doors. Use stainless steel hardware, bright color, no rust, scratches, etc. The most important thing is to use reliable brand hardware. Big brand hardware and profiles will be engraved with brand LOGO.

4. Process and performance/process
Good aluminum alloy doors and windows have fine processing, smooth tangent, precise angle, no obvious gaps in the splicing process, good sealing performance, and smooth opening and closing. If the processing is unqualified, there will be sealing problems, not only leakage of wind and rain, but also under the action of strong wind and external force, the glass is prone to bursting and falling off.

5. Auxiliary accessories
Sealing strips and wool strips are important accessories to ensure the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The sealing strip must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, and the cross-sectional structure size must match the aluminum door profile. The top needs to have good sealing performance, good waterproof performance, and dense dustproof.
The quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows is excellent, and it is never because of the thickness of a single element that its performance is good or bad. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are a systematic product, which is assembled and shipped after a series of integration, complete technological process and supporting designated materials.
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