Introduction of 6 Types of Sliding Doors

Introduction of 6 Types of Sliding Doors

26 Oct 2021

Sliding door

Sliding doors are also called moving doors. It has the characteristics of easy installation, fire prevention, and environmental protection.
It is precise because the sliding door has the functions of convenience, space separation, and prevention of oily smoke from entering the living room, it is more and more favored by consumers in the home decoration process.

The basic characteristics of sliding doors

● The opening method of the sliding door is parallel, with reasonable space, and the maximum utilization rate of the space can be achieved.
● Simple and convenient installation, which can meet the needs of different groups of people.
● It can be installed on the balcony with a sliding door, which not only satisfies the lighting but also isolates the space well.
● The sliding door can be activated or moved at any time according to the requirements of use and decoration style, and the space will be divided or combined accordingly, and it will be more flexible and changeable according to the wishes of the owner, increasing the flexibility of the space.
● Sliding doors play a blocking role and enhance privacy.

6 Types of Sliding Doors

Aluminum Alloy Profile Frame Glass Slide Door Aluminum Glass Slide Door

 ● Diversified choices, we offer two-track, three-track lifting, etc.
 ● Optional buffer device to meet your different needs.
 ● The narrow fan-shaped design increases the field of view while improving visual beauty.
 ● The fan decorative line can be matched with other colors to enhance the beauty of the line.

Outdoor Balcony Thermal Break Double Glass Aluminum Slide Door

Outdoor Glass Aluminum Slide Door
 ● Diversified options such as horizontal rail, three rails, lifting, pushing, and pulling, high lower rails, etc.
 ● Optional buffer device to meet different needs.
 ● Simple and alert, slim and atmospheric.

Interior Glass Aluminum Luxury Standard Slide Door

 ● This series is a collection of indoor sliding doors and indoor hanging rail doors.
 ● The sliding door and hanging master door fan materials are shared.
 ● The sliding door is made of stainless steel, and the hanging rail door is designed with a sliding rail;
 ● The sliding door and hanging rail door can be equipped with buffering configuration, which makes the sliding more gentle.

Stylish Glass Double Glaze Anti Theft Aluminum Stack Slide Door

Aluminum Stack Slide Door
 ● With the simple and atmospheric ultra-narrow frame, creating a large area of scenery.
 ● 6063-T5 titanium-magnesium alloy provides high strength and hardness.
 ● It can meet the requirements of wind pressure resistance and drainage performance.

European Style Glass Balcony Multi-Track Slide Patio Stack Door

Slide Patio Stack Door
 ● The frame adopts a split design for easy processing.
 ● The diamond gauze uses grooves and screws to control the tightness of the diamond gauze.
 ● The edge hook glue adopts the triangular bevel mode. When closing the door, the more tightly the two doors are pulled.
 ● The high-side design is beneficial to prevent rainwater from pouring into the house.

Commercial System Sliding Aluminum Door With Double Glazed

Aluminum Door With Double Glazed
 ●  Atmospheric appearance, with reasonable outline proportions.
 ● Hidden lock base design, safer and more beautiful.
 ●  The unique sliding drainage design greatly improves the water tightness.
 ● Support the three-track belt diamond net.


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