How to Make a Sliding Door Slide Easier?

How to Make a Sliding Door Slide Easier?

10 Nov 2022

Aluminum sliding doors provide more light to your area while also making it look larger. Aluminum extrusion sliding doors are a great choice to save space and make a room feel more spacious.

Why Are Sliding Doors Sometimes Hard to Slide?

We can't deny that aluminum profile sliding doors have many advantages, but it is inevitable that they will become difficult to slide as they are used for longer periods of time. What are the causes of the sliding door does not work smoothly?

●  The track of the sliding door has debris that needs to be cleaned.
●  Deformation of the track can cause the sliding door to be difficult to move and pull.
●  Deformed door leaf.
●  Pulleys with hair or debris.
●  Improperly installed sliding doors.

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How to Make a Sliding Door Slide Easier?

With a high appearance, aluminum sliding doors can be flexible and versatile. It is also important to do a good job of maintaining your interior and exterior aluminum sliding doors. However, what can you do when a sliding door starts to malfunction and doesn't slide smoothly?


Keep the Sliding Door Track in a Clean State

Dust and debris easily accumulate in the floor track of the aluminum sliding door, which will directly affect the operation of the bottom wheel, and seriously lead to a reduction in the service life of the sliding door. A vacuum cleaner can be used in daily life to clean the dust on the floor track and clean the corners.


Clean Up Debris in the Pulley

The sliding door adopts the design of the upper and lower rail sliding grooves, and the pulley is critical for the aluminum profile sliding doors. Always clean up the sundries and add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the sliding part to ensure the smooth use of the sliding door.


Maintenance of Sliding Door Components

Sliding door structure and maintenance of auxiliary parts are of course not negligible. In addition to the protection of the track and other aspects, the sealing tops and glass glue, and other materials should be repaired and replaced in time if they fall off.


Cleaning of Aluminum Door Frame Profile

The aluminum alloy sliding door frame should be wiped with a dry cotton cloth to avoid the misuse of corrosive detergents and affect the appearance and normal use of the sliding door.


Correct Use of Sliding Doors

Destroyed doors and tracks are prone to failure. Avoid damaging sliding doors and tracks by shaking too much.


Unsmooth sliding of sliding doors usually has a lot to do with the usual use. Maintenance of anything is special, and sliding doors are no exception. Regularly clean and inspect the hardware fittings of sliding doors, and replace them immediately if necessary.