Routine Maintenance And Care Of Aluminum Sliding Windows

Routine Maintenance And Care Of Aluminum Sliding Windows

06 Dec 2021

Aluminium windows and doors play an important role in the safety and comfort of your home. As the standard of living improves, people have more and more options to choose from. Choosing the right windows can greatly improve the well-being of your life. Every home will have windows, and most people use sliding aluminum windows.

Sliding windows are one of the common types of windows, and the following points will enable you to know a little more about aluminum horizontal sliding windows.

What is sliding window?

aluminum sliding window

A sliding window is a type of window in which the sash is pushed and pulled vertically from side to side along the horizontal direction.
Sliding windows improve the overall appearance of the building while increasing indoor lighting without occupying indoor space.

Aluminum alloy windows and doors are metal materials aluminum and various metal elements cast into various alloys, with the incomparable advantages of other doors and windows, lightweight, high strength, can be extruded into a variety of complex aluminum extrusion profiles, can meet the requirements of window and door designers for a variety of new cross-section materials.

Routine maintenance and care of aluminum sliding windows

 ●  After the installation of the aluminum window and door, you should promptly tear off the window aluminum profile protective film, and promptly scrub clean.

 ●  The trademark of the window surface, film, is recommended to use warm water or weak detergent scrubbing.

 ●  The sliding aluminum window frame is mostly of metal materials, daily cleaning with a dry cotton wipe to avoid damage to the metal surface, affecting the overall beauty.

 ●  The sliding window screen fan in use with the inner track sliding fan vertical frame overlap can maintain a good seal.

When the gauze fan needs to be cleaned, remove the adhesive strip that fixes the gauze net, take off the gauze net, and then clean it with water-soluble detergent.

 ●  Plastic-steel doors and windows are equipped with drainage systems in window frames, sashes, etc. Please do not block the drainage holes of doors and windows during use, so as not to reduce the drainage performance of doors and windows.

sliding aluminum window
 ●  When using a sliding window, the aluminum sliding track should be cleaned frequently to make the track free of hard objects and avoid affecting the normal sliding of the bottom wheel.

 ●  Sliding aluminum window track is best not to place heavy objects, so as not to crush the window track as well as causing accidents due to heavy objects falling.

 ●  The force point of the aluminum sliding window should be in the middle or lower position of the window sash. Do not use too much force when sliding, so as not to reduce the service life of the window sash.

 ●  Due to the large opening area of the sliding aluminum window, in order to avoid the occurrence of falling objects, it is recommended to install a protective net when conditions permit.

 ●  Due to the improper installation of the sealing strip, the gap of the sliding window is too large, and the air leakage and other problems. If simply sticking the sealing strip can not solve the problem, you need to add a layer of plastic steel window to the original window, or it can be solved by filling it with glass glue.

 ●  When the sliding window fails, notify the professional maintenance personnel to repair it in time, and do not force the repair by yourself.



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