The Common Uses of Aluminum Circle Plate

The Common Uses of Aluminum Circle Plate

29 Aug 2022

As one of the most commonly used elements, aluminum is essential and widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace construction, household appliances, and electronics. Advantages such as easy production and high quality have made aluminum round plates widely used worldwide.

The aluminum circle plate is a product obtained by deep processing of aluminum plate. Aluminum circle plates, also known as aluminum round plates, are ideal for making cookware, kettles, lighting projects, reflectors for lamps, etc.
aluminum sheet hot rolled

The Common Applications of Aluminum Round Plates


aluminum circle plate



The stylish and atmospheric appearance of aluminum sheet hot rolled discs harmonizes perfectly with modern kitchen styles. Aluminum cookware has the advantages of being lightweight, low price, fast and even heating, no rust, easy to clean, etc. Foil aluminum plates are often used to make non-stick pans, pressure cookers, kitchenware, cookware, etc. After special surface treatment, aluminum cookware has stable surface performance and long service life.

Household Appliances

Household appliances are essential daily necessities for every family. They require not only beauty and durability, but also high safety. The easy-to-use aluminum circle plate-related product has excellent thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance.


Many common hardware products are made of aluminum plate engraving, such as lamp shades, water heater housings, lamps, some capacitor aluminum case blanks, etc. The aluminum circle plate is chosen for many hardware products because of its excellent corrosion resistance and malleability and can be made into the desired shape upon request.

Road Signs

The processing procedure for aluminum circle plate road signs is to cut the aluminum sheet and then cut it to the right size with aluminum circle cutting equipment. As one of the aluminum circle plate manufacturers and aluminum circle plate suppliers, we can produce various sizes of aluminum plates according to your specific requirements.

Reflectors and Protective Covers

Strong anti-corrosion properties allow it to be used for a long time without rusting or discoloration. After anodizing and coating, the aluminum plate engraving can be used as a reflector and protective cover for colored lights. This helps to extend the life of the lamps to some extent.


Aluminum circle plates are also the raw materials for various cans. Cans can be used to hold various materials such as beverages, liquid foods, lotions, and medicinal liquids.


Zeao has introduced advanced aluminum plate production equipment to effectively improve production efficiency and material utilization.

Zeao strengthens the control of the grain size and elongation of the aluminum material supply and launches cold rolling and hot rolling respectively. Aluminum circle plate covered with 1, 3, 5, and 8 series alloys. A complete range of aluminum circle plate products, tolerances in line with national standards. Specific requirements for alloys, tempers, or gauges can be discussed upon your request.