What Are The Uses Of General Aluminum Profile?

What Are The Uses Of General Aluminum Profile?

29 Dec 2021

What is an aluminum profile?

As the name implies, aluminum profiles are extruded profiles of aluminum.

The process of extruded aluminum shapes can be understood as a pressure head pushing the aluminum alloy material through a specific mold to make aluminum extrusion profiles come out of the mold opening.

A general aluminum profile is also known as a common aluminum profile. It has a simple or similar cross-sectional shape.

For example, aluminum square profile, T slot aluminum extrusion,  U aluminum profile, l shape aluminum profile, etc.

The benefits of aluminum extrusion profiles

The aluminum extrusion process takes advantage of many of the beneficial physical properties of aluminum itself. The use of aluminum extrusion profiles has become a universal method.

General aluminum profiles are becoming more and more common and custom aluminum extrusions have become one of the indispensable raw materials for modern society.

Compared with iron and stainless steel, extrusion aluminum profiles have the following advantages:

1. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and aluminum is highly recyclable.

2. Low cost of the extrusion process, simple process, easy to install and disassemble.

3. Wide range of aluminum products, excellent processability of aluminum profiles, and flexible production(custom aluminum profiles).

4. A variety of surface treatment effects (such as electrophoretic coating, powder-coated sand cloth, etc.) to meet different needs.

5. Strong corrosion resistance, extruded aluminum profiles are stronger and more durable. Aluminum shows excellent corrosion resistance under most environmental conditions.



The Uses Of General Aluminum Profile

Square aluminum extrusions, aluminum tube profiles, aluminum beams, aluminum channel profiles, etc. are all called general aluminum profiles.

These are called general aluminum profiles because aluminum profile manufacturers use basic standard shapes, sizes, and proportions to make these products. These simple shaped aluminum profile products are widely used in everyday life.


Aluminum profile for door and window frame

When it comes to aluminum profiles, most people will first think of aluminum window and door frame profiles. The aluminum profile frame for windows and doors has outstanding performance compared with wooden decorative windows and doors.

Aluminum window and door frames have excellent sealing performance, high plasticity, environmental protection and energy-saving, and long service life.

T Slot Aluminum Profile

T Slot Aluminum Profile

Electrical frames

The use of aluminum profiles as frames for electrical appliances is becoming increasingly popular. These frames are usually made of aluminum extrusion profiles. Some examples are refrigerator frames and TV frames.


Lightbox frame

The most representative of this type is the open ultra-thin lightbox frame aluminum profile.
The advantage of this type of aluminum frame is that the billboard can be easily opened and replaced during installation.


Some other frames

Some aluminum frames of glass products, aluminum frames with heat dissipation function, etc., such as poster frames, whiteboard frames, blackboard frames.


All-Aluminum Furniture

In this era of diversified development, all-aluminum furniture home furnishing customization is becoming more and more popular.
The use of aluminum alloy profiles to customize the cabinet of the closet, etc., has the advantages of being beautiful and durable, recyclable.

Extruded aluminum square tube

Extruded aluminum square tube


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