What are the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles

What are the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles

16 Nov 2021

In the past few years, the development speed of industrial aluminum profiles has been very agile. Whether in the factory workshop, automation equipment, automobile industry or the pharmaceutical industry, you can see aluminum profiles, and because of its several major characteristics, it has been affected. Loved by the majority of users, what are the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles? Jianmei will tell us:

Hardness and strength

The most important thing is the hardness. Many customers care about this problem when they buy industrial aluminum profiles. The hardness of different profile series must be different, just like the hardness of the 2 series and the 8 series. . The hardness of the 2 series must not be as strong as that of the 8 series. The strength of the same aluminum profile is similar to the element of hardness. The strength of pure aluminum is lower than that of the alloy, and the strength of different series is also different.

Corrosion resistance

In addition to the inherent strength and hardness, what we are more concerned about is the corrosion resistance of industrial aluminum profiles. The corrosion resistance is different from the strength and hardness. The corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is higher than that of alloys.


In the end, we will pay attention to the machinability of industrial aluminum profiles, and the processing functions include forming functions and cutting functions. Generally speaking, high-strength industrial aluminum profiles are not easy to deform when processed, so it is better to bend, stretch, and deep-draw the aluminum profiles. Conversely, if low-strength industrial aluminum profiles have poor machinability.