When Do Aluminum Profile Windows Need to Be Replaced?

When Do Aluminum Profile Windows Need to Be Replaced?

14 Oct 2022

Whether casement aluminum windows or sliding aluminum windows, they are largely responsible for the safety of your home as well as its overall appearance. To a large extent, windows determine the quality of your life.

How Often Should You Replace Your Aluminum Profile Windows?

The lifespan of aluminum profile windows varies between the aluminum window and door manufacturers, and each window's concerns may be based on different issues.

If your windows are 15 or more years old, you should consider looking for a better upgrade. Or if there are other situations where you should replace your windows, you may want to consider replacing them as well.

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When to Replace Aluminum Alloy Windows?

Aluminum profile windows are durable and easy to use. Aluminum window hardware has an extremely long service life and requires almost no maintenance under normal use.

When do aluminum alloy windows need to be replaced? The right answer may be obvious if some important signs are considered. When the signs listed below appear, you should consider replacing them.

●   Cracked or fogged glass
●   Damaged aluminum window profiles
●   Poorly sealed windows
●   Damaged aluminum window hardware
●   Failure of weatherproof seals
●   Difficulty in opening or closing windows

Aluminum Profile for Door and Window

●  Strong Plasticity

 Aluminum alloy doors and windows can Satisfy the door and window designer's various new section material requirements.

●  Good Sealing Performance

Confined performance directly affects the use of doors and windows and energy consumption.

●  Long Service Life

The opening and closing of aluminum alloy doors and windows are light and flexible, without noise, easy to use and maintain, corrosion resistant, strong fire resistance, and the service life are as long as 50-100 years.

●  Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

The new material H-UPVC can heat conduction of the aluminum alloy is minimized, and the heat insulation and the sound insulation effect are good.

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What to Do Before Replacing Windows?

Every homeowner needs to know what to look for when replacing windows. When you decide to upgrade your windows, take note of the following advice.

●   Carefully consider the style of aluminum alloy windows you have in mind
●   Decide on the color or finish of your windows
●   Discuss all useful information about windows and aluminum window parts with aluminum material window manufacturers
●   Negotiate after-sales service with your aluminum window suppliers


Reliable aluminum profile window manufacturers and suppliers are important to you when deciding to replace your windows.

Zeao has extensive experience in manufacturing aluminum profiles. In addition to casement aluminum windows, sliding aluminum windows, and aluminium curtain wall section profiles, we have developed specific industrial profiles such as energy-saving and heat-insulating profiles and decorative aluminum profiles according to market demand. We will help you to make the right choice in choosing an aluminum profile for doors and windows.