Should You Choose Casement or Sliding Aluminum Window?

Should You Choose Casement or Sliding Aluminum Window?

28 Sep 2022

When it comes to windows, you can choose from more than just a few types. Casement and sliding windows are two popular options. They both offer essentially unobstructed fields of view, among other advantages.

Want to take full advantage of energy efficiency in your home? You need to know more about each type. This article briefly introduces the differences between two popular window types to help you, the homeowner, make a satisfying decision.

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Outward Appearance

The difference between casement windows and sliding windows is mainly in matching the overall style of the building.

Casement Windows: Casement aluminum windows are more flexible and suitable for buildings with strict requirements on the overall effect of the building, especially buildings with large divisions, spacious and bright, good transparency, and harmonious and smooth appearance pursued by architects.

Sliding Windows: Sliding aluminum windows can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, which is difficult to match with fixed glass with large divisions. They are generally more suitable for home buildings or factories with clear horizontal and vertical lines.


Casement Windows: Depending on how each window type is built, the way air flows through the openings varies. Most casement aluminum windows open fully so air can pass through the entire opening.

Sliding Windows: Half the window space is closed or overlapping, and sliding aluminum windows provide less ventilation.


Casement Windows: The thick aluminum alloy corner pieces are used for connection at 45 degrees, and the excellent aluminum alloy casement window needs the cooperation of better casement window aluminum profile accessories.

Sliding Windows: In terms of aluminium sliding profile processing and manufacturing, sliding windows are generally simple in structure, have no special requirements for equipment, and are easy to process and manufacture.


Casement Windows: Opens 90 degrees and moves slightly to the side, allowing full access to the outside of the casement window, which can be easily cleaned by pulling the sash away from the sash.

Sliding Windows: The slider window is half open and half fixed. You'll need to take the screen out and stick it out to get the fixed half. Sliding windows require less maintenance due to the fewer moving components than other types of windows.


Most people have been concerned about the security of windows. In terms of safety, both window types are considered safe. Choosing triple-glazed or laminated glass for your windows will definitely benefit their safety features.

Casement Window Aluminum Profile

●  Diamond gauze mesh integrated design, the bridge can be dual color
●  Use the principle of constant pressure and rain curtain to improve the water tightness and air tightness of the whole window
●  Unique diamond network installation structure design, higher safety performance.


Aluminum Profile for Sliding Window

●  Narrow frame design, indoor hidden fan, simple and elegant appearance
●  High drop down, to accelerate the drainage speed, stainless steel track
●  Unique electric fluorine frosted surface treatment, making the surface of the aluminum profile as fine as ceramic texture, warm and smooth as jade
● The smallest visible surface is only 30mm, but also fully meets the requirements of wind resistance
●  6063-T5 is specially used to provide high strength and hardness


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